Family Research Council Praises U.S. Senate for Confirming Mike Pompeo as Sec. of State

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the Senate voted to invoke cloture on the nomination of current CIA Director Mike Pompeo to become the new Secretary of State. Pompeo was confirmed to become Secretary of State shortly thereafter. Family Research Council yesterday delivered 33,656 petitions to the U.S. Senate urging senators to reject Sen. Cory Booker’s efforts to impose a religious test on the nominee. 

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins offered the following reaction:

“As Secretary of State, I have no doubt that Mike Pompeo will make international religious freedom a foreign policy priority—a matter which is especially important given that we now know religious freedom, long protected for its own sake, is also intricately connected to the security and prosperity of nations themselves. 

“We will only have sustainable, long-term peace if we actually make religious freedom a foreign policy priority. Mike Pompeo understands this and will make it happen as Secretary of State.

“President Trump has been an agent of change in Washington. Some agencies have been harder than others to transform since the last administration, and the State Department is an agency that needs a strong and competent leader to bring it into line with the President’s policies. Mike Pompeo is the right person for the job to implement the administration’s priorities abroad, and I look forward to working with him in his new capacity,” Perkins concluded.