Family Research Council Praises Revised NDAA Legislation for Promoting Pro-Family Policies

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (ret.) Jerry Boykin released the following statement reacting to the announcement today by U.S. House and Senate leaders that they had reached an agreement on revised language for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). FRC had previously voiced concerns over an amendment in the draft NDAA that would have forced women to register with the Selective Service, and FRC supporters sent over 200,000 emails to members asking for it to be removed. Regarding the new text, Boykin said:

"Family Research Council is encouraged that this version of the National Defense Authorization Act does not force our daughters to register for the draft, promote abortion, or overtly promote a 'woke' agenda that has nothing to do with our national defense. Furthermore, it is heartening to see a provision that would have forced taxpayers to pay for abortifacient drugs as 'contraception' removed from the bill. FRC would like to extend our thanks to Senator Jim Inhofe (Okla.), Representative Vicky Hartzler (Mo.), Representative Mike Rogers (Ala.), Representative Chip Roy (Texas), Senator Mike Lee (Utah), Senator Josh Hawley (Mo.), and others for their strong stance for pro-family values within the NDAA. Given all of the social experimentation that Democrats had previously tried to jam into this must-pass bill, today's announcement is a signal of victory for life and family. It is our hope that this version of the bill will pass and promote our national defense without having to compromise what makes America great."