Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Joins Tony Perkins on the Radio to Discuss the Texas Privacy Act

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WASHINGTON, February 9, 2017 –  Yesterday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick appeared on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, a national radio show which airs on more than 240 stations across the country. On the show, the Lieutenant Governor discussed the Texas Women's Privacy Act (SB 6), which will protect women and children. The bill prevents public schools, state government agencies, and political subdivisions from adopting policies that would open women's showers, bathrooms, and changing facilities to men and visa-versa. It also prevents political subdivisions from forcing private entities, including contractors, to open their showers, locker rooms and bathrooms to people of the opposite sex. It leaves private entities free to determine their own policies regarding the use of shared bathrooms and showers. 

Lt. Gov. Patrick responded to critics of the bill and dismissed a report issued by Texas Association of Business. "We have some of these business organizations who have been misled and they’ve taken these positions based on erroneous business projections,” said Patrick. “In the case of Texas we have the TAB (Texas Association of Business) that put out this report that if we pass this bill, this common sense legislation, that is all about public safety, that it will cost the state of Texas somewhere between $960 million and $9 billion." He went on to explain “We talked about that issue and then we talked about the real evidence we have. We’re the only big city in America that’s held a vote on this issue. That was in Houston two years ago. When black, white, and brown churches came together, in a heavy democrat city, and turned back an ordinance that would allow men in ladies rooms, by 61 to 39 percent. And since then I can’t find anyone who can name one business that didn’t come to Houston because the voters stood up for the right thing. The Super Bowl was played there Sunday; we’ve had big NCAA tournaments. In other words, zero economic impact. So we’re dispelling that whole myth that passing laws like this has a negative impact.”

Lt. Gov. Patrick went on to discuss Texans’ backing of this bill, “The support is obviously strong with Republicans, but it’s also strong with Democrats. And in fact, there are two different polls. One poll has African Americans and Hispanics in the mid-sixties who are supportive of keeping men out of ladies rooms and not having children shower together in schools and share locker rooms and bathrooms. The other poll had them in the seventies.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, the host of Washington Watch, added, "Seventy-seven percent of the people surveyed about SB 6, the bill we’re talking about, support it! They want it! They believe that their daughters and their wives and their mothers should be protected when they go into a public facility," concluded Perkins.

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